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    YAMAHA Regular


YAMAHA Regular

Huile | HN185476

10,48 €

8,30 €

Prix avec TVA 21%

La remise est valable jusqu’au 31/08/2019

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Covering a wide range of styles, Yamaha’s Regular Models mallets possess a handmade quality similar to our Virtuoso line. Regular Models mallets are lighter in weight for enhanced endurance, yet can produce a solid rich tone.


Brass heads are mainly for use on glockenspiels. When a bright, clear, metallic tone is desired, brass can be a perfect choice.

Ebonite with Brass Core (MR-840)

For use on glockenspiel only. This mallet has a large, heavy brass core for a strong sound that projects well.

Rosewood, Hytrel, Lexan, ABS

These extremely hard materials are excellent for use on glockenspiels and xylophones. A wide variety of sounds can be obtained depending on size and the material used. Yamaha’s wooden heads are of the finest Rosewood for a crisp decisive tone. Lexan produces a heavier, harder sound. ABS is lighter and bright. Hytrel has a soft, pure, well centered sound.

Hard Rubber

Rubber heads work well on a wide variety of instruments. They range from very hard—well suited for glockenspiels and xylophones—to softer heads which can be used on marimbas.


Yarn wound heads produce a pleasingly mellow tone which is excellent for use on marimbas. These mallets are also effective for use on xylophones and vibraphones.


Harder than yarn, cord wound heads produce a brighter tone. Excellent for articulating passages with precision and clarity.


  • Adapté à: Cuivres
  • Volume: 0,060 l
  • Nombre de pièces: 1
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