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Guitare électroacoustique | HN156671

631,00 €

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The L6 offers a variety of Yamaha's exclusivities. For starters the solid Engelmann Spruce top is treated with A.R.E., and together with a newly modified bracing design, the sound has actually become more powerful and louder, while still maintaining excellent balance. In order to meet the contemporary player's needs, the L6 models are equipped with a Zero-Impact pickup. Which is a passive hassle free solution for performance or recording at anytime without sacrificing the traditional look and sound of a pure handcrafted acoustic.

• Medium jumbo type body
• Solid Engelmann spruce top with A.R.E.
• Rosewood back and sides
• High comfort traditional neck profile
• 5ply neck (mahogany + rosewood)
• Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
• SRT Zero Impact pickup
• Hard Bag included
• Elixir strings

Body Selection

Whether you prefer a full-sized LL original jumbo, small-sized LS body, or medium jumbo-sized LJ, the choice is yours. Each of these body styles is represented in each class, letting you choose the instrument that meets your requirements for sound, style, and affordability.

A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement)

A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) is an original wood reforming technology developed by Yamaha. Through precise controll of temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure, the molecular properties of the wood can be manipulated into a more acoustically ideal condition, similar to the molecular characteristics of woods in instruments that have been played for years.

New Designed Bracing Pattern

A modified non-scalloped bracing design retains the L series’ characteristic bright tone while enhancing low-end tone.

High Comfortable Traditional Neck Profile

A reevaluation of string spacing, string height, fingerboard binding, and neck taper led to a new neck shape that better fits today’s traditional players. The new design offers stable grip and smooth playability over the full length of the neck.

5-Ply Necks

The 5-ply neck of mahogany and rosewood designed with a volute at the headstock plus a double action adjustable rod creates a neck with excellent strength and stability.*#26,36,56 have a volute at the head stock.

Choice of Rosewood or Mahogany Back and Sides

The lineup now includes models with back and sides of mahogany (LL16M/6M, LS16M/6M) letting you choose according to your playing style and tonal needs. Rosewood models offer well-balanced tone from low to high, while mahogany provides rich low-end with quick response.

SRT Zero Impact Pickups

The SRT Zero Impact Pickup system is a newly developed passive type pickup configuration designed to minimize the pickup’s impact on the tone and traditional appearance of the instrument. The system utilizes individual piezoelectric elements for each string to faithfully reproduce the dynamic sound of the L Series and give the instrument outstanding presence when playing in a band.*L56,36,26 don't have this Pickup.


  • Couleur du produit: Brown Sunburst
  • Couleur: Sunburst
  • Traitement de surface: ÉclatBrillance
  • Type: Jumbo
  • Découpe: Non
  • Corpus: Demi-massif
  • Type de bois de la table: Sapin - massif
  • Type de bois du dos: Acajou
  • Type de bois des éclisses: Acajou
  • Manche: Acajou/Bois de rose
  • Mensuration: 650 mm
  • Nombre de frettes: 20
  • Largeur de la frette zéro: 44 mm
  • Manche: Bois de rose
  • Chevalet: Bois de rose
  • Frette zéro: En plastique
  • Capteur: Oui
  • Type de capteur: Piezo
  • Modèle électronique: N/A
  • Commande: N/A
  • Accordeur intégré: Non
  • Matériel d’accordement: Die-cast
  • Hardware: En or
  • Housse rigide: Non
  • Housse: Oui
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